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Andrew Jackson
(March 15, 1767- June 8, 1835)
He was the seventh President of the United States. He was a military governor. Andrew Jackson also was an outstanding young lawyer in Tennessee.
Renowned for his toughness, he was nicknamedOld Hickory." His wife's name was Rachel Donelson Robards. Who had died before him in December 2, 1828 of a heart attack. He died at The Hermitage on June 8, 1845, at the age of 78, of chronic tuberculosis, dropsy, and heart failure. In his will, Jackson left his entire estate to his adopted son, Andrew Jackson Jr., except for specifically enumerated items that were left to various other friends and family members. He was memorable president and a great leader. We will miss him.
-Briana Kimble

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Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson
(June 15, 1767- December 22, 1828)

She was the daughter of Colonel John Donelson and Rachel Stockley-Donelson. John Donelson was a surveyor and a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses at the time of Rachel's birth. She had legally adopted one of her nephews (one of the twin boys recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Severn Donelson). They named him Andrew Jackson, Jr. Andrew Jackson was devoted to Rachel. They were both aged 24. Andrew Jackson married Rachel Donelson-Robards in August 1791, at Natchez, Mississippi. They were both aged 24. This woman was very well known and loved by many people and will stay in our hearts for years to come.
-Briana Kimble

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Jeremiah F. Evarts
(February 3, 1781 – May 10, 1831)
Jeremiah was born in Sunderland, Vermont, son of James Evarts. He graduated from Yale college in 1802. Evarts was admitted to the bar in 1806. he married Mehitabel Sherman, they had a son William M. Evarts. Jeremiah Evarts was a christian missionary, reformer, and activist for the rights of American Indians in the United States, and a leading opponent of the Indian removal policy of the United States government. He died of tuberculosis on May 10, 1831 in Charleston, South Carolina, he overworked himself in the campaign against the Indian Removal Act. He was buried in the Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven, CT.
-Sadie Evans

John Caldwell Callhoun
(March 18, 1782 – March 31, 1850)

John Callhoun was born in Abbeville dist.,South Carolina, he was the vice president of Andrew Jackson and John Adams. Calhoun briefly served in the South Carolina legislature, during that time he wrote legislation making South Carolina the first state to adopt universal suffrage for men that were white. As a "war hawk" what that call it, he agitated in Congress for the War of 1812, and as Secretary of War under President James Monroe he reorganized and re did the war department, building powerful permanent bureaucracies that ran the department, as opposed to patronage appointees. John Callhoun studied at Waddel's Academy in Georgia, and he graduated with honors from Yale in 1804, he aslo studied at Tapping Reeve's Law School in Litchfield, Connecticut.
-Hayley Johnson

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Martin Van Buren
(December 5, 1782 - June 24, 1862)
Buren was born in the village of Kinderhook, New York on the December 5, 1782. He was also known as "Old Kinderhook". He was the 8th president of the United States, before his presidency he served as the 10th Secretary of State under Andrew Jacksons orders. He was also the first guy of New York to serve as a president. He was married to a woman named Hannah Van Buren, they married in February 21, 1807. She ended up dying before he did at the age of 35, they had six children together;
he never remarried. Buren had been active in politics since the age of 17 and by 1829 Andrew Jackson had made known his own wish that Van Buren should recieve the nomination. Van Buren ended up dying from a asthma attack on June 24, 1862 at the age of 79.
-Monica Hernandez