By: Briana Kimble
December 1817
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This week in the Chronicle of Andrew Jackson, we got the scoop on Andrew Jackson taking Florida from Spain! This new war is sweeping the nation and is taking on the name as The First Seminole War! Apparently, Jackson asked if he could be sent to Florida to lead a campaign against the Seminole and Creek Indians and prevent illegal immigrants from coming into the state. He fought a thrilling and exciting battle with more than 3,000 other men and had a lot to show for it! We dug even deeper into the soil of Florida to find out more about Jackson's conquest. Monroe, being president at the time was ordering Jackson to not only campaign but to take Florida. Courageous "Old Hickory" of course took on the task by saying "Let it be signified to me through any channel (say Mr. John Rhea ) that the possession of the Floridas would be desirable to the United States, and in sixty days it will be accomplished." Jackson along with the Pirates on his side were almost invincible! They were attacked at the first few villages they traveled through. Aside from burning their crops to the ground, he left many Seminole dead, diseased, and dying in their villages. From special sources we found that the Spanish and British were secretly assisting Indians. Jackson feared that we could not be secure if everyone was against us. Jackson and his troops captured Pensacola and many other forts using only warning shots and took over the city. The Spaniards wee beginning to realize that they could no longer keep their territory. He took two British men who had been consulting Indians. He gave them a fair trial and in the end they were executed. Seminole tribes feared him because of his ruthlessness. Sadly, our faithful hero was scorn by president James Monroe and the Monroe Administration. The only one that stood by Jackson was Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. When the Spanish Minister demanded the most suitable punishment for "Old Hickory", John Quincy Adams wrote back "Spain must immediately either to place a force in Florida adequate at once to the protection of territory, ... or cede to the United States a province, of which she retains nothing but the nominal possession, but which is, in fact, ... a post of annoyance to them." Adams used Jackson's conquest and Spain's own weaknesses to convince the Spanish to cede Florida to the United States. Spain decided to create The Adam's Onis Treaty in 1819 by John Quincy Adams and Luis De Onis, Spain's Minister which stated we officially owned Florida and nullified 5 million dollars of debt Spain owned to the United States. "Old Hickory" is now serving as the governor of Florida and is possibly making history with what he is accomplishing. Later in 1824, we moved the Seminole Indians onto a reservation in central Florida. Everything is going smoothly for Andrew Jackson, for now. For more information Andrew Jackson keep reading The Chronicle of Andrew Jackson.external image seminole-war-map.jpg